SOLARIS SIMA S1 SRC boots are leather work boots designed for maximum protection and comfort. The shoe's upper is made of smooth leather, which gives them an elegant look. The sole of the shoe is made of durable PU/PU material, which guarantees excellent grip on various surfaces. It is not only slip-resistant, but also oil-resistant, protecting the user from slippery surfaces and oily substances. In addition, the shoes are anti-electrostatic, which minimizes the risk of electrostatic discharge. The breathable MESH fabric allows the foot to breathe freely, preventing excessive sweating and discomfort. In addition, the shoes have an energy-absorbing insole in the heel area, which reduces joint strain and fatigue during prolonged wear. The boots are equipped with a steel toecap that provides protection against accidental injuries to the foot. SOLARIS SIMA S1 is not only a shoe with a great design, but also a sturdy, safe and comfortable work shoe that helps you fully focus on your work without worrying about your own safety.

Material [%]:

smooth skin


S1, SRC, PN EN ISO 20345:2022


10 pairs/carton


Black, Orange


39-47 EU