GAUKE is a comprehensive first aid kit that contains a wide range of essential items for immediate medical assistance. The kit includes a set of bandage plasters, an individual dressing, bandage tape, an emergency blanket, a bandage sling, an elastic bandage, a compress, a soaked wipe, a triangular sling, scissors, vinyl gloves and a disposable medical mask. Compliance with standards, such as DIN 13019-E, DIN 13151-G/K/M, DIN 13019-A, DIN 13168-D, DIN 58279-A, DIN EN 455, EN 14683 Type I, and DIN 13152-A, demonstrates the high standard of quality and effectiveness of the GAUKE first aid kit. This kit contains everything needed to provide first aid in various situations. GAUKE's first aid kit is not only a set of emergency supplies, but also the confidence to respond quickly and effectively to medical emergencies when needed. If your priority is to keep yourself safe and healthy in the event of an accident or emergency, the GAUKE first aid kit is an indispensable accessory for your home, office, vehicle or when traveling.


DIN 13019-E
DIN 13151-G/K/M
DIN 13019-A
DIN 13168-D
DIN 58279-A
DIN EN 455
EN 14683 Type I
DIN 13152-A


10 pcs. /carton

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