Taśma LJ 6008 – For industrial washing


Silver reflective tape for thermal transfer applications. Recommended for professional use. Used primarily in the production of highly reflective workwear: warning waistcoats, jackets, gloves, footwear as well as in sportswear and accessories for everyday use, e.g. capes, backpacks, etc.

The reflective properties of the tape do not depend on the angle of incidence of the light. Product quality and durability according to the standard requirements for reflective materials. Reflectivity in accordance with EN ISO 20471:2013 High-visibility clothing. Degree of reflectivity >380 mcd/lux.m² Durability 40 wash cycles at 60˚C, 25 wash cycles at 75˚C, 5 dry cleaning cycles.

Oeko-tex® Standard compliant product.

*Before manufacturing the garment, application tests must be carried out according to the instructions in the technical data sheet.

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Composition [%]:

100% PES

Width [cm]:

5 cm



m/yd per cone:

100 m


≥ 380 mcd / lux.m2

Numer of washing:

40 x 60°C, 25 x 75°C, 5x dry cleaning