Fluorescent elastic polyester-spandex tape with a silver reflective layer. Recommended for professional and common use. Made of flexible material, which means that they can be stretched but do not change their size. Mainly used for the production of work clothes with increased reflectivity: warning vests, jackets, gloves, shoes; also in sports clothing and accessories as well as in everyday use, e.g. capes, backpacks and various advertising accessories. Available in yellow and orange fluo.

The reflective properties of the tape do not depend on the angle of incidence of light. The fluorescent color makes the elements of the tape visible at any time of the day. Product quality and durability in accordance with the requirements of the standard for reflective materials. The degree of reflectivity 220mcd / lux.m2. Durability 25 washing cycles at 60˚C and 5 cycles of dry cleaning.

The product complies with Oeko-tex® Standard.


Composition [%]:

base: 90% polyester, 10% spandex

Width [cm]:

50/20 mm (colour/silver part)


EWE 1000


220 mcd / lux.m2

Numer of washing:

domestic: 25x 60 ˚C, 5x dry cleaning

Roll lenght:

50 m

Additional information: