LJ 7002


Silver-orange reflective tape with high reflectivity on a cotton base (100% cotton) with flame retardant properties. Recommended for professional use. Used in the production of clothing that protects against high temperatures. Used primarily for the production of flame-retardant work clothes with warning elements, jackets, trousers, accessories, etc. including clothes for firefighters.

The reflective properties of the tape do not depend on the angle of incidence of light. The fluorescent color ensures better visibility during the day. Product quality and durability in accordance with the requirements of the standard for reflective materials. The degree of reflectivity> 380 mcd / lux.m2. Flame retardant properties ensured by a very durable fire retardant finish. Durability: 50 washing cycles at 60˚C, 30 washing cycles at 90˚C, 5 cycles of dry chemical cleaning. The product complies with Oeko-tex® Standard.


Composition [%]:

base: 100% cotton

Width [cm]:

50 mm


LJ 7002


>380 mcd / lux.m2

Numer of washing:

domestic: 50x 60 ˚C; 30x 90 ˚C; 5x dry cleaning

Roll lenght:

100 m

Additional information: