STANDARD BONEL MATERIAL is a spring mattress that is made of high quality materials. The interior of the mattress contains Bonel type springs, which are flexible and provide excellent stability. Thanks to them, the mattress adapts to your movements, providing proper support for the spine. In addition, the springs used are also durable and resistant to deformation, which prolongs the life of the mattress. A layer of polyurethane foam provides additional comfort and cushioning, this flexible design perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, evenly distributing pressure and eliminating pressure points. The mattress cover is made of a blend of materials: 70% polyester and 30% viscose. This combination guarantees durability, softness and pleasure to the touch. The materials are also resistant to abrasion and easy to clean, making it easy to keep the mattress clean. The firmness of the mattress is H 2.5, which means that it is firm enough to provide adequate support for the body, but at the same time has a certain flexibility that adapts to the contours of the body. The products meet the Oeko-tex® standard.

H 2,5
Dimensions [cm]:
80x200x18, 90x200x18, 160x200x18


Composition [%]:

Polyurethane foam, Hemming: 70% Polyester / 30% Viscose




80x200x18, 90x200x18, 160x200x18